Atha Yoga

We use an integrated approach to cater the training to specific needs of body healing, yoga therapy, advanced practices, while still retaining simplicity and honesty of yoga for everyone to experience!


Our Story

Atha is an auspicious word - direct translation means “NOW”. Focusing our attention, passion for yoga and positive energy to impart our yoga knowledge and practice in the present moment right NOW. We practice methodically to be NOW, to be conscious of our breath, our mind, our surroundings and most importantly, ourselves. Atha Yoga’s success story will be filled with the number of landscapes we shall bring out, we shall inspire and we shall impart

Our Motto

We are a true believer that yoga is for the entire humanity, and practice yoga can transform us in many ways and on many levels. Through Atha Yoga, we aim to bring yoga in its purest form to all individuals to enhance their wellbeing and find harmony from within

Why choose our team

Make yoga a part of your life and benefit from the outcome. Stay Blissful. The idea is to make people healthy and strong.

Principal Teacher Om

Teacher Sunil

Teacher Aarekh

Teacher Rahul

Teacher Selena

Teacher Sherry

Teacher Tina