About us

Our Teaching Principle

Our teaching principle is not only to help people increase range of motion and maintain fitness level through yoga practice, but more so to help people connect their mind with body, enjoy the journey of practice, and have such joy penetrate through their lives. We would like to share with the younger generation to increase inner awareness, develop more concentration, and become more resilient, and share with the older generation that it is never too late to practice yoga, and yoga helps in dealing with and preventing a host of health problems. We will also focus on people working in the corporate sector who constantly feel the pressure and intensity of work. We hope to leverage yoga practice to provide emotional support and coach them to work more effectively, become more adaptive to change and take a moment to breathe under stressful situations.


Principal Teacher Om

Extensive study and professional training at SVYASA Master degree specializing in yogic therapy Triumphed in International Himalaya Yoga Olympiad competition Expert in teaching aligned posture & designing transition in pose Hold various teaching awards, widely known for his ability to conduct workshops, personal training and teachers training Fostered patience acceptance, perseverance and self – belief in many
Favorite quote – “Strong from mind, soft from heart”

Teacher Sunil

  • Obtained his ANTTC in 2011 at Swami Vivekanand a Yoga Anusandhan a Samsthana, Deemed University, Bangalore majoring Therapies in Ayurveda and Naturopathy
  • Graduated with Bachelor of Science in 2014 at Swami Vivekanand a Yoga Anusandhan a Samsthana, Deemed University, Bangalore majoring Yogic Sciences and its therapeutic applications
  • Obtained his Masters in 2017 at Swami Vivekanand a Yoga Anusandhan a Samsthana, Deemed University, Bangalore majoring Yogic Sciences and its therapeutic applications
  • More than 5 years in teaching
  • Passionate in imparting the benefits that yoga can help in one’s mental and physical well-being

Teacher Aarekh

  • More than 7 years of teaching experiences
  • Yoga passion born in primary school
  • Bachelor’s and Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy in S-VYASA
  • Experienced in teaching all class types and multi-level
  • Reputable for hip, shoulder, back opening, and twist and flow classes

Teacher Rahul

  • Inherent self-motivation guided him on yoga path
  • Certification course from Kaivalyadhama S.M.Y.M Samitis Gordhandas Sakseria College of Yoga
  • 200hr Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga TTC
  • 20hr Rope Yoga TTC
  • Yoga teaching commenced in Y2008, spanned across various institutes and centers in India, Bangkok and Singapore

Teacher Selena

First experienced yoga in 2015 as a form of exercise to alleviate stress from fast-paced demanding work Yoga surprised her with emotional calmness and sheer joy in addition to physical strengthening Hope to share yoga to all for the experience of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and self-discovery 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha Yoga and wheel Yoga) 15-hour Singing Bowl Training 60-hour Yoga Therapy Immersion 24-hour Reiki (Level 1 & 2) (Lisui Shiki Ryoho) 60-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy level 1)
Favorite quote – ” Smile and make peace with your inner self”

Teacher Sherry

First discovered yoga in 2004, while searching for healing for her chronic back issues She soon realized that yoga also did wonders for her mental well being Certified 200hr Ashtanga teacher training
Favorite quote – “The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness”

Teacher Tina

Yoga practicioner for 8+ years Love to breathe with the flow when practicing Specialize in Prenatal & Postnatal yoga, kids and Special Needs yoga Yoga taught her to be the best version of herself, to never stop learning, never give up and never compete
Favorite quote – “The journey of a thousand miles begins wth a single step”